Cafe Rio Nutrition Facts

The fresh vegetables, lime, olive oil, premium rice, and high-quality beans used in Café Rio’s Mexican food make it very tasty and extremely delicious.

But they shouldn’t be put in the fridge because they might have a lot of lard in them.

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Here are the latest Cafe Rio nutrition facts.


 Cafe Rio Desserts Nutrition

Fresh Lime Pie[more info]440148069065
Tres Leches[more info]86036240112195

 Cafe Rio Burrito Nutrition

Burrito, 12 Inch Flour Tortilla[more info]4401406721
Burrito, 12 Inch Wheat Tortilla[more info]4201506214
Burrito, Black Beans[more info]150302591
Burrito, Cheddar Jack Cheese[more info]110930100
Burrito, Chile Roasted Beef[more info]200955302
Burrito, Cilantro[more info]500110
Burrito, Cilantro Lime Rice[more info]110303411
Burrito, Creamy Tomatillo Dressing[more info]16010101716
Burrito, Fire Grilled Chicken[more info]3607145700
Burrito, Fire Grilled Salmon[more info]220690200
Burrito, Fire Grilled Steak[more info]25010110000
Burrito, Grated Cotija[more info]100820000
Burrito, Green Chile Sauce, Medium[more info]45001006
Burrito, Guacamole[more info]4540220
Burrito, Lettuce[more info]500110
Burrito, Lime[more info]000100
Burrito, Pico De Gallo[more info]1010101
Burrito, Pinto Beans[more info]160302791
Burrito, Red Chile Sauce, Hot[more info]4020501
Burrito, Salsa Fresca[more info]500201
Burrito, Serrano Pepper[more info]000000
Burrito, Shredded Chicken[more info]2401395000
Burrito, Sour Cream[more info]60520201
Burrito, Spicy Green Chile Pork[more info]290174521019
Burrito, Sweet Pork Barbacoa[more info]290175021019
Burrito, Tomatillo Sauce, Mild[more info]16010101716

 Cafe Rio Salad Nutrition

Salad, Black Beans[more info]150302591
Salad, Cheddar Jack Cheese[more info]110930100
Salad, Chile Roasted Beef[more info]120535201
Salad, Cilantro[more info]500110
Salad, Cilantro Lime Dressing[more info]22018015110
Salad, Cilantro Lime Rice[more info]140202711
Salad, Creamy Tomatillo Dressing[more info]16010101716
Salad, Fire Grilled Chicken[more info]220485400
Salad, Fire Grilled Salmon[more info]130470100
Salad, Fire Grilled Steak[more info]250665000
Salad, Grated Cotija[more info]100820000
Salad, Guacamole[more info]4540220
Salad, Lime[more info]000100
Salad, Pico De Gallo[more info]1010101
Salad, Pinto Beans[more info]160302791
Salad, Romaine Lettuce[more info]500110
Salad, Salsa Fresca[more info]500201
Salad, Serrano Pepper[more info]000000
Salad, Shredded Chicken[more info]140855000
Salad, Sour Cream[more info]60520201
Salad, Spicy Green Chile Pork[more info]180103013011
Salad, Sweet Pork Barbacoa[more info]180103013011
Salad, Tortilla Chip Strips[more info]190802610

 Cafe Rio Enchiladas Nutrition

Enchiladas, 6 Inch Corn Tortilla[more info]60101311
Enchiladas, 6 Inch Flour Tortilla[more info]180602710
Enchiladas, 6 Inch Wheat Tortilla[more info]170602402
Enchiladas, Black Beans[more info]150302591
Enchiladas, Cheddar Jack Cheese[more info]110930100
Enchiladas, Chile Roasted Beef[more info]80320101
Enchiladas, Cilantro[more info]500110
Enchiladas, Cilantro Lime Rice[more info]110202011
Enchiladas, Creamy Tomatillo Dressing[more info]16010101716
Enchiladas, Fire Grilled Chicken[more info]140360300
Enchiladas, Fire Grilled Salmon[more info]90335100
Enchiladas, Fire Grilled Steak[more info]100445000
Enchiladas, Grated Cotija[more info]100820000
Enchiladas, Green Chile Sauce, Medium[more info]45001006
Enchiladas, Guacamole[more info]4540220
Enchiladas, Lettuce[more info]500110
Enchiladas, Lime[more info]000100
Enchiladas, Pico De Gallo[more info]1010101
Enchiladas, Pinto Beans[more info]160302791
Enchiladas, Red Chile Sauce, Hot[more info]4020501
Enchiladas, Salsa Fresca[more info]500201
Enchiladas, Serrano Pepper[more info]000000
Enchiladas, Shredded Chicken[more info]100540000
Enchiladas, Shredded Jack Cheese[more info]100825000
Enchiladas, Sour Cream[more info]60520201
Enchiladas, Spicy Green Chile Pork[more info]120720808
Enchiladas, Tomatillo Sauce, Mild[more info]16010101716

 Cafe Rio Tacos Nutrition

Tacos, 6 Inch Corn Tortilla[more info]60101311
Tacos, 6 Inch Flour Tortilla[more info]180602710
Tacos, 6 Inch Wheat Tortilla[more info]170602402
Tacos, Black Beans[more info]150302591
Tacos, Cheddar Jack Cheese[more info]110930100
Tacos, Chile Roasted Beef[more info]80320101
Tacos, Cilantro[more info]500110
Tacos, Cilantro Lime Dressing[more info]22018015110
Tacos, Cilantro Lime Rice[more info]110303411
Tacos, Creamy Tomatillo Dressing[more info]16010101716
Tacos, Fire Grilled Chicken[more info]140360300
Tacos, Fire Grilled Salmon[more info]90335100
Tacos, Fire Grilled Steak[more info]100445000
Tacos, Grated Cotija[more info]100820000
Tacos, Guacamole[more info]4540220
Tacos, Lettuce[more info]500110
Tacos, Lime[more info]000100
Tacos, Pico De Gallo[more info]1010101
Tacos, Pinto Beans[more info]160302791
Tacos, Salsa Fresca[more info]500201
Tacos, Serrano Pepper[more info]000000
Tacos, Shredded Chicken[more info]1901075000
Tacos, Sour Cream[more info]60520201
Tacos, Spicy Green Chile Pork[more info]290174521019
Tacos, Sweet Pork Barbacoa[more info]120720808

 Cafe Rio Quesadilla Nutrition

Quesadilla, 12 Inch Tortilla[more info]4401406721
Quesadilla, 12 Inch Wheat Tortilla[more info]4201506214
Quesadilla, Cheddar Jack Cheese[more info]110930100
Quesadilla, Chile Roasted Beef[more info]200955302
Quesadilla, Creamy Tomatillo Dressing[more info]16010101716
Quesadilla, Fire Grilled Chicken[more info]3607145700
Quesadilla, Fire Grilled Salmon[more info]220690200
Quesadilla, Fire Grilled Steak[more info]25010110000
Quesadilla, Green Chile Sauce, Medium[more info]45001006
Quesadilla, Guacamole[more info]4540220
Quesadilla, Lettuce[more info]500110
Quesadilla, Lime[more info]000100
Quesadilla, Pico De Gallo[more info]1010101
Quesadilla, Red Chile Sauce, Hot[more info]4020501
Quesadilla, Salsa Fresca[more info]500201
Quesadilla, Serrano Pepper[more info]000000
Quesadilla, Shredded Chicken[more info]2401395000
Quesadilla, Shredded Jack Cheese[more info]100825000
Quesadilla, Sour Cream[more info]60520201
Quesadilla, Spicy Green Chile Pork[more info]290174521019
Quesadilla, Sweet Pork Barbacoa[more info]290175021019
Quesadilla, Tomatillo Sauce, Mild[more info]16010101716

 Cafe Rio Tostada Nutrition

Tostada, 6 Inch Flour Tortilla[more info]180602710
Tostada, 6 Inch Wheat Tortilla[more info]170602402
Tostada, Black Beans[more info]150302591
Tostada, Cheddar Jack Cheese[more info]110930100
Tostada, Chile Roasted Beef[more info]80320101
Tostada, Cilantro[more info]500110
Tostada, Cilantro Lime Dressing[more info]22018015110
Tostada, Cilantro Lime Rice[more info]110202011
Tostada, Creamy Tomatillo Dressing[more info]16010101716
Tostada, Crunchy Corn Tortilla[more info]10070910
Tostada, Fire Grilled Chicken[more info]180470400
Tostada, Fire Grilled Salmon[more info]90335100
Tostada, Fire Grilled Steak[more info]130555000
Tostada, Grated Cotija[more info]100820000
Tostada, Guacamole[more info]4540220
Tostada, Lettuce[more info]500110
Tostada, Lime[more info]000100
Tostada, Pico De Gallo[more info]1010101
Tostada, Pinto Beans[more info]160302791
Tostada, Salsa Fresca[more info]500201
Tostada, Serrano Pepper[more info]000000
Tostada, Shredded Chicken[more info]120650000
Tostada, Sour Cream[more info]60520201
Tostada, Spicy Green Chile Pork[more info]120720808
Tostada, Sweet Pork Barbacoa[more info]120720808
Tostada, Tortilla Chip Strips[more info]190802610

 Cafe Rio Nachos Nutrition

Nachos, Black Beans[more info]150302591
Nachos, Cheddar Jack Cheese[more info]110930100
Nachos, Chile Roasted Beef[more info]160745202
Nachos, Cilantro[more info]500110
Nachos, Fire Grilled Chicken[more info]2906115600
Nachos, Fire Grilled Salmon[more info]170570200
Nachos, Fire Grilled Steak[more info]200890000
Nachos, Grated Cotija[more info]100820000
Nachos, Green Chile Sauce, Medium[more info]45001006
Nachos, Guacamole[more info]4540220
Nachos, Lime[more info]000100
Nachos, Pico De Gallo[more info]1010101
Nachos, Pinto Beans[more info]160302791
Nachos, Queso[more info]3535201
Nachos, Red Chile Sauce, Hot[more info]4020501
Nachos, Salsa Fresca[more info]500201
Nachos, Serrano Pepper[more info]000000
Nachos, Shredded Chicken[more info]1901075000
Nachos, Sour Cream[more info]60520201
Nachos, Spicy Green Chile Pork[more info]230134017015
Nachos, Sweet Pork Barbacoa[more info]230134017015
Nachos, Tomatillo Sauce, Mild[more info]16010101716
Nachos, Tortilla Chips[more info]1,10062012150

 Cafe Rio Appetizers Nutrition

Chicken Tortilla Soup[more info]61031456253
Chips & Salsa[more info]4604051227
Chips, Salsa & Guacamole[more info]5008053427
Chips, Salsa & Queso[more info]4907553228

 Cafe Rio Drinks Nutrition


Apple Beer[more info]1400033033
Barq’s Root Beer[more info]2800075075
Caffeine Free Diet Coke[more info]000000
Cherry Coke[more info]2600070070
Coca-Cola[more info]2500068068
Coke Zero[more info]000000
Diet Coke[more info]000000
Diet Dr Pepper[more info]000000
Dr Pepper[more info]2500068068
Fanta Orange[more info]3000080080
Hi-C Fruit Punch[more info]2500065065
Horchata[more info]45083585083
Mello Yellow[more info]800022022
Mexican Coke[more info]1400039039
Mint Limeade[more info]41000106199
Minute Maid Lemonade[more info]2900075069
Powerade[more info]1800047037
Southwest Limeade[more info]3200081079
Sprite[more info]2700067059
Strawberry Lemonade[more info]45001225
Vanilla Coke[more info]2500070070

 Cafe Rio Specials Nutrition

Chicken Tostada[more info]1,150591251111510
Maria’s Enchiladas[more info]6102550741213
Salmon Tacos[more info]530143575122
Shrimp Tacos[more info]5601801041611
Tasty Tuesday Burrito[more info]73028608653
Tasty Tuesday Salad[more info]76033558265
Yolanda’s Tamales[more info]1,040587593173

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