Cafe Rio Menu Prices

Cafe Rio Menu prices tend to be slightly higher than Mexican-style fast-food restaurants. However, the portions are pretty big, and the superb food quality.

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill has 73 locations. It is a chain of restaurants with branches across California, Arizona and Utah, and it also has locations in Washington, Idaho and Montana. It’s a casual fast-casual restaurant that offers authentic Mexican cuisine.

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Cafe Rio Menu

Check out some of Cafe Rio’s food offerings:

Burrito is a flour tortilla made from scratch, and it’s stuffed with pinto or black beans, cheese and cilantro lime rice. The meat oven-baked can be served with shredded Romaine and Pico de Gallo.

Tacos are handmade flour tortillas filled with meat and Romaine lettuce. Pico de Gallo is a popular choice, but you should also know that it’s made with tomatoes, cilantro and onions, lime juice and Serrano chillies and is made every day from scratch.

Enchiladas are freshly prepared corn tortillas that have been stuffed with meat, cheese, sauce and then topped with more cheese before being baked. Cafe Rio offers enchiladas with either pinto beans or black beans.

Nachos: Crispy, golden tortilla chips with your choice of meat, pinto, black beans or your selection of Mexican cheeses, Chile Con Queso or authentic Mexican cheeses, fresh guacamole and Pico de Gallo (see? there it is again).

Tostada: This corn tortilla is filled with Romaine lettuce, your choice of meat, Cilantro or Black Beans, Cilantro Rice, Cilantro Chili, Cilantro-Lime Rice, crispy golden tortilla strips and cilantro. You can also add Pico de Gallo and Cotija cheese to your dish.

Salad: Mexican salads use tortillas, and Cafe Rio’s has no exception. They are made fresh and baked with lots of cheese, and they are served with pico de gallo, cilantro, tortilla strips and Cotija cheese.

Tortilla soup is also made fresh! This recipe contains all-white chicken breast meat, shredded, and topped with a delicious broth, including crunchy tortilla strips, fresh vegetables, Pico de Gallo and cheese.

Desserts: Cafe Rio’s desserts are a pleasant surprise, and they are all handmade. There are two options: Tres Leches, three types of milk, or Fresh Lime Pie, which is Rio Grande lime with a more tart taste.

Strawberry lemonade is a sugar-free drink made with strawberries, lemons and Stevia, a 100% natural sweetener.

Cafe Rio offers a variety of food items that can be ordered online. It’s pretty convenient. Cafe Rio offers a catering service that gives you a free meal with every $100 you spend. What’s the catering menu?

Cafe Rio Menu Prices


Cafe Rio Appetizers Menu

cafe Rio Appetizers Menu

Side Salad $2.54
Chips & Salsa $3.32
Chips & Chilli Con Queso $5.54
Chips & Fresh Guacamole $5.54
Tortilla soup $5.32

 Cafe Rio Burritos Menu

cafe rio burritos menu

Shredded Chicken Burrito $8.98
Chile Roasted Beef Burrito $8.98
Pork Barbacoa Burrito $8.98
Fire Grilled Chicken Burrito $10.09
Fire Grilled Steak Burrito $10.64
Fire Grilled Salmon Burrito $10.64
Beans Rice & Cheese Burrito $8.98

 Cafe Rio Salads Menu

cafe rio salad menu

Shredded Chicken Salad $9.53
Chile Roasted Beef Salad $9.53
Pork Barbacoa Salad $9.53
Fire Grilled Chicken Salad $10.64
Fire Grilled Steak Salad $11.20
Fire Grilled Salmon Salad $11.20
Veggie Salad $9.53

Cafe Rio Tacos Menu

cafe rio tacos menu

Shredded Chicken Taco $6.65
Double Shredded Chicken Taco $8.87
Beef Taco $6.65
Double Beef Taco $8.87
Pork Taco $6.65
Double Pork Taco $8.87
Grilled Chicken Taco $7.20
Double Grill Chick Taco $9.98
Grilled Steak Taco $7.48
Double Steak Taco $10.53
Fire Grilled Salmon Taco $7.48
Double Fire Grilled Salmon Taco $10.53

Cafe Rio Enchiladas Menu

cafe rio enchiladas menu

Shredded Chicken Enchilada $6.65
Double Shredded Chicken Enchilada $8.87
Beef Enchilada $6.65
Double Beef Enchilada $8.87
Pork Enchilada $6.65
Double Pork Enchilada $8.87
Grilled Chicken Enchilada $7.20
Double Grilled Chicken Enchilada $9.98
Grilled Steak Enchilada $7.48
Double Grilled Steak Enchilada $10.53
Cheese Enchilada $6.65
Double Cheese Enchilada $8.87

Cafe Rio Quesadillas Menu

cafe rio quesadilla menu

Shredded Chicken Quesadilla $9.09
Chile Roasted Beef Quesadilla $9.09
Pork Barbacoa Quesadilla $9.09
Grilled Chicken Quesadilla $10.20
Grilled Steak Quesadilla $10.76
Shredded Cheese Quesadilla $7.98

Cafe Rio Nachos Menu

cafe rio nachos menu

Shredded Chicken Nachos $9.53
Chile Roasted Beef Nachos $9.53
Pork Barbacoa Nachos $9.53
Grilled Chicken Nachos $10.64
Grilled Steak Nachos $11.20
Vegetarian Nachos $9.53

Cafe Rio Tostadas Menu

cafe rio tostadas menu

Shredded Chicken Tostada $7.54
Chile Roasted Beef Tostada $7.54
Pork Barbacoa Tostada $7.54
Grilled Chicken Tostada $8.65
Grilled Steak Tostada $9.20
Grilled Salmon Tostada $9.20
Veggie Tostada $7.54

Cafe Rio Ala Cart Menu

cafe rio ala cart menu

Chicken, Beef or Pork Taco Ala Carte $3.21
Double Chicken, Beef or Pork Taco Ala Carte $6.19
Grilled Chicken Taco Ala Carte $3.76
Double Grilled Chicken Taco Ala Carte $7.30
Salmon or Grilled Steak Taco Ala Carte $4.04
Double Grilled Steak Taco Ala Carte $7.86
Chicken, Beef or Pork Enchilada Ala Carte $3.87
Double Chicken, Beef or Pork Enchilada Ala Carte $7.76
Grill Chicken Enchilada Ala Carte $4.43
Double Grill Chicken Enchilada Ala Carte $8.87
Grill Steak Enchilada Ala Carte $4.71
Double Grill Steak Enchilada Ala Carte $9.42
Cheese Enchilada Ala Carte $3.87
Double Cheese Enchilada Ala Carte $7.76

Cafe Rio Kids Menu

cafe rio kids menu

Kids Chicken Quesadilla Meal $4.43
Kids Beef Quesadilla Meal $4.43
Kids Pork Quesadilla Meal $4.43
Kids Grill Chicken Quesadilla Meal $5.54
Kids Grill Steak Quesadilla Meal $6.09
Kids Cheese Quesadilla Meal $3.65
Small Chicken Quesadilla $3.98
Small Beef Quesadilla $3.98
Small Pork Quesadilla $3.98
Small Grill Chicken Quesadilla $5.09
Small Grill Steak Quesadilla $5.65
Small Cheese Quesadilla $1.10

Cafe Rio Desserts Menu

cafe rio Desserts menu

Famous Tres Leches $4.76
Fresh Lime Pie $4.76
Chocolate Flan $4.76
Coconut Flan $4.76

Cafe Rio Sides Menu

cafe rio sides Menu

Rice or Beans $1.11
Meat (Beef, Chicken or Pork) $2.22
Grilled Chicken $2.78
Grilled Steak or Salmon $3.33
Queso 8 oz. $2.78
Guacamole 1 oz. $1.32
Guacamole 8 oz. $2.78
Sour Cream $0.65
Pico de Gallo $1.05
Pico de Gallo Pint $6.65
Side of Salsa $1.05
Salsa Fresca Pint $6.65
Tortilla 2 Tortillas $1.10
Cheese $1.11
Side Salad $2.54
Chip Strips $1.11
Cilantro Lime 2 oz. $0.56
Cilantro Lime 4 oz. $1.11
Cilantro Lime Pint $6.65
Tomatillo Ranch 2 oz. $0.56
Tomatillo Ranch 4 oz. $1.11
Tomatillo Ranch Pint $6.65
Mild Sauce Tomatillo 2 oz. $0.56
Medium Sauce Green Chile 2 oz. $0.56
Hot Sauce Red Chile 2 oz. $0.56

Cafe Rio Beverage

cafe rio Beverges

Soda Regular $2.43
Soda Large $2.65
Bottled Water $2.43
Mexican Coke $2.43
Apple Beer $2.43

Cafe Rio Hours

MONDAY 10:30 AM TO 10:00 PM
TUESDAY  10:30 AM TO 10:00 PM
WEDNESDAY  10:30 AM TO 10:00 PM
THURSDAY  10:30 AM TO 10:00 PM
FRIDAY  10:30 AM TO 10:00 PM
SATURDAY  10:30 AM TO 10:00 PM
SUNDAY  10:30 AM TO 10:00 PM

You Can check Cafe Rio Hours Information.

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